A little bit about myself.

I am a meticulous Product Designer based in Toronto, Canada.

As a detail-oriented designer with over a decade of experience, I have a passion for crafting seamless digital experiences that truly engage users. My expertise in web and mobile technologies, combined with my adherence to best design practices, allows me to create designs that are not only visually stunning, but also user centric.

I’m skilled in design strategy, wireframing, user interface design, responsive design, and design systems and proficient in Figma as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and Foundation. My technical background allows me to collaborate effectively with cross-functional agile teams.

Over the years, I developed a strong empathy and I am highly flexible and adaptable when it comes to different projects and teams. With a background in Creative Media, experience as a designer and project manager, and relevant education in User Experience Design, I am competent in all aspects of the design process.

My Interests

Netflix📺, meditation🧘🏼, cycling🚲, matcha🧉, Camping🏕️, Reading📖, and learn new things✨